KJK offers the widest array of standard tooling and the broadest range of solutions for precision grooving, recessing, and internal and external facing and chamfering. High precision tooling is the corner stone of mechanical engineering enabling faster and more accurate production of machines and components for all the industrial branches.

KJK's presence with high technological innovations offers efficient and in expensive PCD and PCBN grooving tools for the world wide market for precision tooling. The main benefit of KJK series of grooving tools is comprised by its high precision and multi functional capabilities, reducing grooving time, increasing productivity as well as reducing through-put time with lower tooling costs.

KJK PCD and PCBN grooving tools are successfully used in many automobile and engineering industries for grooving / machining of aluminum and non-ferrous and ferrous metals. KJK grooving tools are offered in cutting widths ranging from 0.80 to 8.00 millimeters with carbide shanks. dimensions, tolerances and cutting geometries of the specific application.


* Grooving in aluminum pistons and non ferrous parts

* Direct machining of precast cylinders without preliminary machining.

* Where ever perfect form and high accuracy are needed

Advantages :

* Enables high speed machining while maintaining longer tool life.

* Provides consistent products, simplified quality control, and lower cost.

* Maximum stability.

* Maximum economy.

* Maximum feed / speed.

* Suitable for general and optimised final machining

KJK offers designs and geometry lay outs for specific applications, to enable high precision and extreme fast cutting parameters are achieved to shorten the cycle time and to reducing overall costs. Also, the long tool life that comes from KJK PCD / PCBN grooving tools, reduces the total tooling costs.

A complete tooling package, best suited for our customers application, including a variety of standard and special sizes and configurations for axial and radial machining is offered. KJK. PCD grooving tools are highly rigid with geometries that have been specially developed suitable for every application.

KJK manufactured Grooving Tools, groove burnishing Tools, industrial Grooving Tools, special purpose Grooving Tools, face Grooving Tools, internal Grooving Tools and tool holders are available for all standard and special applications of our customers, world wide.

Re-grinding and re-tipping service is also offered to all our customers.

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